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Geren Ford: Spring 2010



    Geren Ford: Spring 2010
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    While the wait to get into Geren Ford's runway show was a bit long, the mood inside was sunny, the clothes were richly-hued, and Tiffani Thiessen was in the front row. We caught up with the designer to her about her inspirations for the spring collection, as well as what to buy right now for fall.

    Tell us about Spring 2010 -- we saw a lot of prints and a lot of color.

    I spent a few months in Buenos Aires and Uruguay a few years ago, and it's meant to capture that feeling of a washed-up beach -- the brights are not primary, and the prints are graphic, but they're meant to be organic at the same time. The silhouette is supposed to be sort of tossed on, then tie together a few accessories for night.

    We know you had some real girls come out at the beginning -- which was refreshing considering all the skinny-skinny  models we've seen during fashion week. Those were dressed by you, too, yes?

    Yes, that was part of the sponsorship with Tide -- we got to dress these women that are sort of ambassadors for them.

    Okay, what from your fall collection do you think is the thing to buy right now?

    I have this great crewneck sweater with sleeves that snap off, so it's a sweater and a vest. And I've already worn mine ou, so that's what you should go get!