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Fall 2014

Gen Art Fresh Face Spotlight: Linus



    Gen Art rolled out a cadre of 10 young designers at their annual Fresh Faces in Fashion show last night, and while we were impressed by the sophisticated range and talent of each of the collections, Brooklyn-based Linus caught our eye. 

    We were lucky enough to catch up with Linus designer Stella Lee and her husband and partner, David-Michel, after the show.  Concurring with the loud whisperer behind us who, during the show, declared the collection her favorite thus far, we soaked in the expert workmanship that went into clothes that moved well and shocked the heart just a teeny bit.  The subtle pieces were contained to a palette of white, gray and black, in simple cotton jersey, crepe de chine, chiffon and silk, with just one balancing accent - studs - and lots of flowy knotting.  Dresses, harem shorts, tees and dresses spoke for themselves.  Lee cites Phillip Lim, Stella McCartney, Prada, Alexander and Dries van Noten as style influences, which offers additional insight into her inventive aesthetic.   

    Lee linked up with Gen Art after getting noticed at a sample sale she participated in, and getting a call-back to do the Fresh Faces Show.  Linus retails at a few boutiques around the city, including Oak (in the designer's hood, Williamsburg, as well as Manhattan), Plum, Sucre and via the website (

    "This line was clean and modern, but I gave everything a little twist to make it special," explained Lee, after the show.  Again, simply spoken, but spot on.