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Gap brings Merci's "Happy Project" to Fifth Avenue



    In pop-up news, the Gap will open a temporary Merci shop at 680 Fifth September 10.  The Marais concept shop, which stocks Bonpoint founders and owners' Marie-France and Bertrand Cohen's good-life goodies from vintage clothing to home goods to jewelry to coffee, will make its U.S. debut with the NYC store.   

    Marie-France talked to The Cut about the vision behind Merci and what they hope to bring to NYC.  In a nutshell, the couple is charming, the store will be charming, with a mix of flowers, books, fashion, scents, home decoration, vintage, design - all attached to a cafe.  Plus, it's quite clear profits aren't the motive (all proceeds go to charity), and therefore artful eclecticism is sure to prevail.  We'll be making a trip, merci beaucoup!