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Fall 2014

Five Minutes With: Eviana Hartman of Bodkin



    The former fashion editor, whose credits include Vogue, Teen Vogue, and Nylon, has made a name for herself as a designer with a string of well-regarded collections for her eco-friendly Bodkin label. We caught up with her at the GreenShows to chat about Spring 2010.

    Tell us about Spring 2010!

    I don't usually set out with an inspiration in mind because, with sustainable fabrics, you kind of have to see what's out there first. But I did start to notice that everything started to look like clouds, or rain, or air -- so I guess weather became the theme.

    I know last season you worked a lot with plastic. What sustainable fabrics were you using this season?

    Recycled polyester. There's a lot of tencel -- which is eucalyptus -- and organic cotton, hemp, recycled denim.

    What's your favorite piece from your fall collection that folks could go out and buy right now?

    It's called the "Love Dress"! It's a little off-the-shoulder ... the neckline's almost like those tops people wear in those old graduation photos, you know? [We know!] Well, it's that neckline, but it's white and fitted and has a geometric heart applique.

    Well, that sounds gorgeous.

    Oh! And the compressor skirt and pant will make you look 10 pounds smaller. Seriously.