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First Look: J. Crew Spring 2010



    Do you ever live vicariously through the J. Crew catalog? Pretend you wear sweaters with bikinis with your blond children and geeky-hot husband? Well, we're living vicariously through Fashionista as they checked out the store's latest incarnation of high-styled preppy perfection for Spring 2010. 

    The collection oozed easygoing glamour with Creative Director Jenna Lyons' impeccable talent for darling hodgepodge styling.  Seasonally pitch-perfect chartreuse, turquoise an pink prints, with pops of sparkle paired with distressed boyfriend jeans (still going strong, yes!) and the on-trend hot pant. 

    Antique-inspired loose and chunky jewelry came piled on with the lazy opulence we've grown to love from J. Crew, and also in accessories, the shoes keep getting better and better.  Yup, it's a pretty perfect world.