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Fashion Insiders Gather Peacefully to Talk Bad Behavior



    There's no denying that the fashion world can be a prickly one, but why? A panel comprised of magazine editors, bloggers and entertainment personalities gathers to ponder the conundrum in a (hopefully) civilized manner next Wednesday. 

    The Ladies Lotto networking group will host Self's market editor, Lindsay Taylor Huggins, Refinery29's editorial director, Christine Barberich, bloggers from the Budget Fashionista and High Snobette, MTV V.J. Ruby Veridano-Ching to lead a debate on why the industry has come to be known for meanness and intimidation among its ranks.

    While the concept is based in truth, we can't help but think of what Robin Givhan said last week at the 92nd Street Y "Future of Fashion" panel- to paraphrase, she hypothesized that fashion is often denounced because it's a woman's industry.  There's some merit to the sentiment, because, after all, when things get intense within male-dominated industries we don't hear catty, we hear competitive. 

    It's almost a chicken-and-egg question - if you tell a kid she'll fail enough times, she will.  Is the fashion industry just living up to its assigned reputation?  Sure, it's not like a circle of trust all the time, but isn't that life? 

    Regardless, we're interested to hear what these ladies have to say.