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Famous People Make Stuff for Louis Vuitton



    What do you get when you cross Annie Leibowitz, Damien Hirst, Marc Jacobs and a gaggle of other luminaries with the legendary Louis Vuitton?  Well, that would be a padded backpack, a trunk for surgical tools, a travel doggy crate and a whole lot of questionable necessities being auctioned off for the Red Cross in November. 

    We kid, we kid- although the items are somewhat random, they're special-order and will be auctioned off November 17 at Sotheby's in London to benefit the Red Cross on its 150th anniversary.  In addition to Leibowitz's camera supply-friendly knapsack, Jacobs' luxury doggy liner and Hirst's oddball portable surgery trunk, there's an instrument case for a composer, a carrier for all kinds of cooking acoutrements for a chef and then, for a fifth generation Vuitton, a satchel for watercolor painting.

    So all's well in a world where one lucky bidder gets an LV something-or-other and disaster victims get the more, er, crucial staples.