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Ex-Vogue Director Takes Helm of Lincoln Center Fashion Week



    When Stephanie Winston-Wolkoff left her post as Director of Special Events at Vogue last summer, insiders feared events like the Met Gala wouldn't survive under anyone else. Now she's resurfaced with a new (even bigger gig): Running point at the upcoming Lincoln Center Fashion Week.

    Wolkoff was recently named Lincoln Center's director of fashion week, a hefty responsibility that includes coordinating communication between the powers that be at Lincoln Center and the heavyweights of the fashion industry -- designers, retailers, the CFDA, IMG, et al. Indeed, the stakes will be high to pull of a flawless first fashion week at Lincoln Center next September, as the fashion set can be particularly merciless when it comes to poor organization (and long lines).

    In a released statement, Reynold Levy, the president of Lincoln Center, said, "Stephanie's understanding of the specific needs of the fashion industry in tandem with her experience in organizing high profile, logistically complex events, will be invaluable as a resource in ensuring that Fashion Week's presence at Lincoln Center will be very special--exciting, convenient and efficient."

    Indeed, landing Wolkoff is a major win: She was so good at her job at Vogue that rumors were rampant after her departure that high-level events like the annual Met Gala would simply cease to exist. Considering her close relationship with heavy-hitters like Anna Wintour, it will be interesting to see how she chooses to coordinate New York's fashion's biggest bi-annual gathering.