Erin Wasson x RVCA: Spring 2010 - NBC New York

Fall 2014

Erin Wasson x RVCA: Spring 2010



    Midriffs were bared in the opening looks of the Erin Wasson x RVCA show.  If at first this made us mildly uneasy (abs are, um, different than Freja Beha's), the proceeding collection of cascading fabrics and oversize slouchy tops more than made up for it.  Jackets stole the show and those were flowing, paneled, floor length and cape-like in effect, giving the line a dose of editorial appeal, but all the while remaining grounded in exactly what sells: easy separates that require very little thought.

    That idea was precisely what made each look so commanding; the ease in which everything was kind of thrown together reminds us very much of the way most of us like to get dressed.  Slouchy tops are likely the most accessible in the collection- a navy and white polka-dot button down feels like a spring must.  A pair of high waisted, cropped pants were surprisingly absent of any of the usual Wasson-esque distressing and, come to think of it, as a whole the collection seemed to have moved past the tattered looks of fall.

    Gang Gang Dance played live at the front of the stage and a giddy, dancing, "Rock" sign flashing Wasson came out at the end.  This collection was certainly fitting of a party, although we reckon a soiree more in the vein of Wasson's Texas roots, our thoughts perpetuated by the giant screen showing country-esque images that recalled drinking beer out of the back of a truck, miles away from Bryant Park...