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Ebay Launches Fashion Magazine, "The Inside Source"



    In an effort to parlay the success of clothing and accessories on its online marketplace, Ebay has taken a sophisticated with the launch of The Inside Source, a new online magazine focusing on trends and celeb style.

    With an editorial team plucked from the very fashion magazines Ebay is looking to emulate, and whose readers they're hoping to attract, The Inside Source will put an editorial slant on the site's 200 million daily items up for sale, which is dominated by fashion items.  Editorial Director Meredith Barnett comes from Lucky, and has hired a team of W, InStyle and the New Yorker contributors.

    The Inside Source aims to reach the fashion-savvy traditional shoppers who may be overwhelmed, or simply under-informed about the site's style potential. 

    Who knows, maybe Ebay will become the new black.