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Donna Karan's Short, Starring Christina Ricci



    Looks like film-making is the new celebrity collaboration in the fashion world.  On the heels of the Golden Globe success of Tom Ford's feature film, A Single Man, Donna Karan releases a short film starring Christina Ricci and the Eldridge bag.

    Produced in conjunction with People's Revolution and creative agency All Day Everyday and directred by Jake Silver, the two-minute vignette features a stunning Ricci as the paramour, the dreamer, the expressionist and the voyeur, all shot at the Soho Grand.  People's Revolution is also working on a short for DKNY's Cozy Sweater, set to the tune of the Yeah, Yeah Yeahs' "Heads will Roll". 

    The films are set to run online and in stores, specially featured on Facebook and the blogosphere.