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Daphne Guiness Wears McQueen's Infamous Heels



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    For those who, like us, feel there's been a cult developing around the alien-like, towering heels from Alexander McQueen's Spring 2010 collection, Ms. Daphne Guinness officially became the first live red carpet specimen to wear them at last night's celebration of 15 years of NARS.

    First of all: What is the deal with these shoes? Bear in mind: These shoes won't even be available in stores until next year, meaning both Guinness and Gaga were essentially wearing runway samples -- the shoes created specifically for the runway show (or possibly prototypes). While celebrities seen in coming-season dresses isn't altogether new (heck, Kristen Stewartwore Spring 2010 Proenza Schouler earlier this week), it's pretty rare that a pair of shoes goes straight from the runway to this kind of cult-ish fascination.

    Now, faced with the proposition of wearing such legendary footwear, we imagine we'd have two choices: Either go whole-hog (head-to-toe McQueen in all its head-turning glory) or pair it with something so pared-down that the shoes would become the main event (since they pretty much are anyway).

    Of late, the reigning trend has been to go whole-hog -- exhibit A: Lady Gaga, and now exhibit B: Ms. Guinness. We'd submit, however, that while Gaga pretty much looks like an alien-meets-art-school-project for a living, Daphne Guinness's adventurous styling puts her a bit closer to Bride of Frankenstein territory.

    That said, she certainly managed to pull of the platforms with no small amount of panache, even telling a Fashionista reporter on the red carpet that the shoes were "quite light, actually." Quite the pro.