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Cynthia Rowley: Spring 2010



    Placed at the center of the ornately elegant Haier Building, Cynthia Rowley showed a Spring 2010 collection just as gloriously posh, thanks to watery jewel-tones, rich textures, origami pleating and our favorite, ample amounts of sequins. 

    The linesheet read: "Setting: an abandoned ballroom draped in drop cloths.  Occupants' whereabouts unknown." And under billowing white canvas came a parade of characteristically ladylike and whimsical sheath dresses and shorts, paired with wacky sunglasses that had us thinking Mad Men with a twist. 

    As we've been seeing so far for Spring 2010, femininity is coming on strong, but generally with a bit of an edgy kick to it, and the same went for Cynthia Rowley.  Dainty watercolor prints got rough-sewn edges and frayed trim, and black piping on cream linen (and cream shoes!) bled ever-so-slightly, while gray got a pop of purple and classic sheath shapes were broken up by jumbo pockets.  And bringing a little pizazz to the afternoon tea dress code were sequined accents poking out from below bustle-hem corset dresses, on beaded floral applique and studding strong-shoulder blazers. Blouses with neck-ties were paired with hot pants in hot colors. 

    Speaking of color, navy and purple ruled with a cream foundation and one emerald green dress which compelled a child sitting behind us to shout, "oh! what a pretty green dress!"  We agree, kiddo.