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Confirmed: Sarah Jessica Parker to Take "Active Design Role" at Halston



    Turns out the rumors spreading around yesterday are true: Red carpet darling Sarah Jessica Parker will take on a creative role at Halston's newly-launched (and lower-priced) Heritage collection. WWD reports that the deal also includes "an equity stake or some other executive role" for the actress mostly beloved for her role as the ultimate fashion addict, Carrie Bradshaw. That role, it's true, could be something as lofty as "creative director."

    We speculated yesterday that, if Parker was to be involved at Halston, it was likely she'd be partnering up with the Heritage line: For one, SJP did quite a bit of moralizing about trying to make fashion affordable back when she launched her only other line, Bitten, for the now-defunct Steve & Barry's -- one of the t-shirts even read, "Fashion is Not a Luxury." As such, it seemed unlikely that she's partner up with one of more high-priced lines. Second, we noticed that Parker's actually wearing quite a lot of Halston Heritage in the "Sex and the City" sequel: most famously, this white '70s-inspired dress that's become Carrie's signature sequel look, since she comes out of her apartment building wearing it at the very kick-off of the preview for the movie's sequel.

    The move will be sure to generate contoversy, not only because Parker will be joining the Halston team at a time when it's in serious transition mode (the old design team has been switched up in favor of Marios Schwab, who'll unveil his first collection for the brand in February), and the fashion community is already reeling under several Hollywood creatives, from Lindsay Lohan to Lady Gaga. Granted, Sarah Jessica Parker might have more experience with design than the others, but she remains an actress first and a fan of fashion second.

    She also has zero training: When WWD interviewed her back in 2007 for the launch of her "Bitten" collection, she admitted she'd passed on a lot of high-fashion collaborations in the past because she "had no business" even thinking about some of them. "I can’t sketch; I can’t drape," she said.

    That said, Halston is likely relying on her immense popularity among women (especially "real" women), and the powerhouse of a publicity machine that's currently on display promoting "Sex and the City."