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Michelle Trachtenberg: Jewelry Designer for Coach's Poppy Line



    Another day, another celebrity collaboration with a fashion house.  This time, it's Michelle Trachtenberg for Coach, which has recruited the TV teenager to design a line of costume jewelry for it's younger line, Poppy

    We're beginning to think they're running out of ideas.  Not that Trachtenberg isn't totally adorable (maybe we're still biased and bitter towards her most recent turn as the evil Georgina on Gossip Girl...), it's just gotten to the point where if a celebrity doesn't have some kind of brand as a buddy, all hell will break loose.

    But, we digress.  The costume jewelry line for Poppy is said to comprise "colorful crystals...faux pearls and intricate hardware," according to Women's Wear Daily.  As we weren't overly familiar with Poppy in general, we were intrigued.  It's highly likely we're slightly above the target age, judging by the website - it seems like flashes of ka-POW C logos and tween models prancing about in lots and lots of glitter.  When it comes to Coach, our favorites have always been the high-quality classics, whether they be the mint-condition leather wallet Mom bought in 1976 or the signature shoulder bag dug up in a vintage store.  Why not revive that facet of the brand's story?

    In the meantime, there are definitely a handful of charming Poppy accessories, but with their Blair Waldorf essence shining through, how will Georgina's hand play out?  We'll just have to wait and see.