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Clippings: The Times Discovers Bloggers Edition



    - In yet another classic, behind-the-times move, The New York Timeshas finally published an article documenting all this "fashion bloggers on the front row" craziness (case in point: wee, charming, 13-year-old blogger, Tavi). Because, you know, now that we're almost at the Fall 2010 shows, it seems high time to document all the madness that went on four months ago at the Spring 2010 shows. [New York Times]

    - According to JC Report, the "word on the street" is that Naomi Campbell is on the brink of bankruptcy. We're not sure what street JC Report is listening to, but we'd be most curious to know more. [JC Report / Twitter]

    - In response to The Times' rather out-dated article, Gawker officially declares "the fashion bloggers' front row status trend piece" over. [Gawker]

    - Over the holidays, Yves Rocher -- founder of the massive French beauty company that bears his name -- died of a stroke at the age of 79. [WWD]

    - Apparently, the recession is so bad, even teenagers are cutting back. Teenagers! [New York Times]

    - Opening Ceremony does the glasses trend right with massive, so-dorky-they're-cool glasses by Prism. [Racked]