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Clippings: Lindsay Lohan's New 6126 Dress Just Like Jen Kao Edition



    - Just when we were think Lindsay Lohan's new 6126 clothing line didn't look all that bad, somebody goes and points out that one of our favorite pieces looks eerily similar to a Jen Kao dress that LiLo had even been photographed wearing. Well, now, this is awkward. [Fashionista via Racked]

    - Fake Birkins abound in New York City right now, where everyone who's anyone apparently has one -- even Olivia Palermo! Funny thing, though, we'd remember seeing any, and we haven't. But maybe we're not hanging out in the right circles. [Page Six]

    - In other counterfeiting news, an M.I.T. professor claims that 40 percent of participants in a recent study actually purchased the real deal after first buying a fake. Why? They realized the real thing was of a higher quality, of course. [WWD]

    - The First Lady's in a PETA ad currently running in D.C.! If you didn't know that, you're not alone -- apparently Michelle Obama didn't either, and her camp is not exactly pleased. [The Cut]

    - Are Levi's and Opening Ceremony working on a collaboration? Well, if you're a believer of the things you read on Twitter, getting the news from the Twitter page of Levi's creative director is about as close as "straight from the horse's mouth" as it gets. [Refinery29]