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Celeb Endorsements: Warren Buffett is the New Michelle Obama



    Michelle Obama is to Jason Wu as Warren Buffett is to trends, apparently. The small, Dayang Group-owned Chinese menswear label designed by Li Guiliangot Buffett to mug for a promotional video and gush about the nine suits he owns and loves.

    Besides that Buffett is, well, Buffett, it's not like he's Trump, doing this every other commercial break the world over - or that he's making any best-dressed lists (NOT that he needs too, sheesh!), but the famously-slash-relatively reclusive billionaire's rare stamp of approval has paid off: since the video posted on the Dayang Group website on September 10, stocks have soared 70%.  In the most charming comment we've ever heard from a billionaire businessman, Buffett said, "I went 78 years before I got a compliment on my appearance." 

    Plus! The suits range in price from approximately $880-$3,000 USD, which aint that bad, for billionaire style.  We might have to hyphenate the Oprah Effect if he makes this a habit.