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CW Bids Farewell to "The Beautiful Life"



    Sadly, the first big victim of the fall seaon's lineup also seemed to be its most publicized. Despite Mischa Barton drama, celebrity guest stars, and a massive publicity blitz, the model-centric show didn't even attract enough viewers to make it past the second episode, and was cancelled as of Friday.

    The drama surrounding Mischa Barton of late certainly couldn't have helped the struggling TV show -- from her meltdown-slash-dental-issues to her re-appearance in New York's nightlife scene. Even the staggering roster of appearances -- from Nina Garcia's guest apperance to Elle McPherson's starring role -- didn't seem to make a dent. So the real question is: Can fashion on TV exist outside of the reality-drama rut? Thus far, the success stories remain Top Model and Project Runway -- it may simply be that folks would much rather watch actual models than faux models like already-famous-enough Barton.