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Brooklyn Band Chairlift's Video with Saks & Marc Jacobs



    Saks Fifth Avenue, in cahoots with Marc Jacobs, goes lo-fi with a YouTube music video featuring the Brooklyn-based band Chairlift (who are awesome) decked out in the designer's latest.  The songs are good, but it's a smidge too commercial to believe.


    We love Chairlift, and in partnering with Saks and Marc Jacobs, they not only look hot but get the chance for potentially wider exposure than they might otherwise have afforded, which is great.  However, while the audio is grand, the product shots - pan of a handbag atop some sub-woofers, Marc by Marc rings wrapped around studio wires and a ticker describing Charlotte's outfit while she plays the keyboard - border on informercial territory.  We would have much preferred a more organic vignette of a cool band who just happen to be wearing Marc Jacobs. 

    Otherwise, we applaud the effort of the major uptown retailer to try something new and recruit hipsters from the outer boroughs to do so.