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Brian Reyes: Spring 2010



    Do you ever play the "What I would wear on the red carpet if I were a celebrity" game? Or the, "which LA celebrity should belong in NYC" game?  Er, we do, and two of our answers, respectively, are always: Brian Reyes and Rachel Bilson.  The former wowed the latter at his Spring 2010 show this morning, naturally.  We'd go so far as to call her a muse. 

    Brian Reyes graduated from the atelier of Oscar de la Renta to establish an uptown-renowned house hallmarked by exciting, ladylike luxe gowns and girlish separates.  True to form, the Spring 2010 collection matched his starlet clientele in the front row, bursting with sunny freshness that manages an extra, sultry oomph that's sort of like a less serious je ne sais quois. 

    First of all, halelujah for Reyes' recognition of true-to-life spring/summer weather by showing lightweight shorts, tubes and tanks hinting at lingerie - which is, let's be honest, all anyone wants to wear in NYC's mucky climate come June.  At the same time, we were a smidge dismayed to be met with yet another runway of models sans pants.  Some of us (we won't name names) may wish we could go out Lady Gaga style, but mother wouldn't be pleased and so we'll leave that to the dude on the E train, thankyouverymuch. 

    The looks we'd be more than delighted to wear, however, abounded.  Reyes' experiment in rich prints passed with flying, ink-blotted colors, while gently edgier accents like exposed zippers transcended simplicity to the sublime.  Denim got cleaned up in nicely toned, flowing blazer, while shorts were treated to the prepster treatment with prim cuts of denim, seersucker and cherry red pairs. 

    Overall, we'd say the collection was the perfect show for beaming California darlings Rachel Bilson and Becki Newton, and we'll expect to see the clothes pop up in pap shots from both coasts soon enough.