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Brangelina Designs "The Protector" for Asprey



    Another day, another celebrity jewelry line.  This time, it's Brangelina designing a line called "The Protector" for Asprey, to benefit the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, and which includes things one might already associate with the tabloids' favorite philanthropist hot couple, like snakes and baby things. 

    Inspired by a serpent ring Angelina Jolie received and wore during her first pregnancy, the Protector features a coiling snake in various forms - silver, emerald and white- and black-diamond-encrusted - on rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings and men's cuff links and dress studs.  The snake motif spreads also to a collection of baby accessories including a sterling silver spoon, tooth box, eggcup and picture frame. 

    The Jolie-Pitts did not comment on the partnership beyond reinforcing the charity message and the importance of education for children victims of conflict and natural disasters - for whom the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, co-founded by Jolie, will receive 100% of the collection's proceeds.

    Asprey's efforts toward spicing up their old-school brand have previously involved re-hiring the leather and silver craftspeople who'd been employed by the company in the past, and placing strong emphasis on the bespoke services available for their fine goods.  And then, well, there was Brangelina.  No word on future celeb collabos, or even details beyond facts on the Protector line.