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Betty Draper Channels Spring 2010 Florals at Versace



    When Mad Men character Betty Draper stepped into the sun-filled soda fountain (with gumball machine backdrop!), we gasped!  The authentically 1963 Westchester wife look could have been plucked straight from the Spring 2010 Milan runways.

    Polished in supremely 60s white cat-eye sunnies and dainty sheer gloves and primly structured handbag, Mrs. Draper made yet another perfect small town outing on behalf of the Junior League.  Ruffle that up a bit (but just a bit!) with bangles, sex hair and more shoulder, leg and tenny-tiny waist, and you've got a dead wringer for Versace Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear.  Which is funny, because the acress behind Betty, January Jones, wore Versace to the Emmys last week. 

    We love the endurance of sunny. ladylike florals veiling the mysterious woman that lies beneath.