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Bethenny Frankel vs. Rachel Zoe



    "Real Housewife" Bethenny Frankel apparently wants the world to know that Rachel Zoe is "self-important" and "treats all her old friends like garbage." So she posted all about it on the the Web's greatest message board: Twitter.

    Frankly, we didn't even know that Frankel and Zoe were once really close friends, so the entire rivalry feels a bit out of the blue, but as Frankel insists on her Twitter page, "being talented & famous should make u remember who was nice then." Frankel even went so far as to refer to Zoe by her real surname, Rosenzweig (ouch!) and take issue with Zoe's fashion sense, saying "if I stick on a lampshade with a moo moo and a pair of bananas hoop earrings, rz may just D I E."

    Not to be outdone, Zoe bit back over Twitter and accused Frankel of having "no class" and being "desperate for some attention." The battle rages on ...