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BB Dakota's "Bella" Jacket Just Got Ugly



    California label BB Dakota has been touting that their $70 multi-pocket jacket was worn by Kristen Stewart's character Bella Swan in the first Twilight movie. Who wouldn't? The  series is a huge hit and Stewart a major star.

    But Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the film franchise has decided they're none too pleased, and on Friday, filed a lawsuit agaist the label for copyright and trademark infringement. No, not copyright infringement in terms of design; BB Dakota really did design the jacket. The problem is with the marketing.

    The company, which got so much mileage out of the blue cotton canvas jacket they launched a whole new collection around it, was promoting the piece on their website with this description: “Bella Swann wears this jacket in Twilight and scores the hottest vampire in high school, and so can you!”

    The jacket, which was originally sold in 2006 and reintroduced last year as the Twilight jacket, is no longer on the BB Collective website, however we did spot it on Amazon (sold as "The Bella Jacket"), as well as Fred Flare (as the "Nicola Jacket") for those of you eager to get your hands on one before the movie studio has them all destroyed.

    You heard right. Summit not only wants to stop sales (and profits from said sales), but wants BB Dakota to deliver all remaining Bella jackets to them for destruction.

    The drama.