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Anna Wintour the Only Woman in New York Mag's Power Dozen



    If we learned one thing from watching The September Issue, it was that Anna Wintour goes far deeper than simply a devilish image -- she's whip smart at selling and sustaining fashion.  New York Magazine agreed and placed her in The Power Dozen.

    Citing the influence of a $10 billion industry and its employment of 175,000 New Yorkers, and Wintour's position at the helm, New York Magazine's Power Dozen ranking included Wintour as the only woman with the likes of Mayor Bloomberg, Al Sharpton, Chuck Schumer and Rupert Murdoch, to name a few others. 

    Fashion's Night Out played not only a pivotal role in our own lives with shops jam-packed with deals and booze, but rather became a hallmark of the retail industry's role in revitalizing the city's economy in an inclusive approach to the city's fashion pride.  Wintour lay the foundation for the event, thus reinforcing her talent of taste and business acumen. 

    Despite her Machiavellian rise, we've got to admit that we do also love Anna Wintour.