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American Apparel's Over-the-Top Ads



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    Is it just us or has American Apparel gone to a whole new level lately with their flagrant dependence on the "sex sells" mantra?  While perusing the "New Styles" section on their website we came across myriad images that made us do a double take (and kind of want to minimize the window lest any eyes wandered over -- they are decidedly NSFW). Company founder and CEO, Dov Charney, is no stranger to controversy, so we're not exactly surprised, just awkwardly stocking our cyber cart with pictures of girls unzipping thong bathing suits in sheer thigh highs.

    Legs spread appears to be the new "It" pose, come hither stares are a must, and sheer nylon is almost always displayed without anything underneath.  We're definitely not a prudish brood here.  We actually always liked American Apparel's brand of sexy --  it's uniquely their own and doesn't rely on the usual players to hawk their wares.  Plus, we have to give a thumbs up for the real bodies.

    Alas, the further the brand delves into these sexy photo-shoots with what appear to be women not old enough to take out to drinks, we're starting to feel a little alienated from the party. 

    Oh, and apparently they just introduced a new line of bedding.  God save us.