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American Apparel Launches Nail Polish Line



    Long favored by the types of young ladies who would likely also paint their nails all manner of eye-popping shades, American Apparel is taking the leap into beauty with its first line of nail polish in 18 vivid colors, for $6 a pop.

    True to form, the shades are an extension of the brand's already-vivid array of versatile cotton separates (hot purple leggings, aqua tank tops, and the like), and they come armed with quirky names like "Downtown LA" (a brick red), "Office" (a minty green), "Coney Island" (a bubble-gum pink), and even "Hassid" (a dark black). Also like the clothing, the polish is all made in the USA and, as American Apparel's creative director told WWD, "the palette is inteded for year-round use." (Read: Don't expect the brand to launch any new powder-pink options come spring.)

    And for those wondering, yes, the brand was able to make the polish ads in some way NSFW: the young lady modeling them is wearing a completely sheer black top.

    The polishes are currently available both in-store and online at