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Fall 2014

Alexandre Herchcovitch: Spring 2010



    Brazilian designer Alexandre Herchcovitch unveiled a Spring 2010 collection of pure fantasy: vibrant brights on Gaudi-esque silhouettes.  The only neutrals we saw were invigorated by ethereal feathery appliques and shiny bubble hems. 

    In the world of Herchcovitch, life is truly a parade- whether it be otherworldly or charged in the signs of the times.  Tonight's show brought out groovy, psychedelic prints on cylindrical hoop skirts, collars reminiscent of heiroglyphic patterns on the tombs of kings, and bubble hems and sleeves on steroids.  A dash of sporty spice added to the experiment, with models clutching footballs and sporting knee-high tube socks with lace-up shooties. 

    In our Lady Gaga-obsessed society right now, Herchcovitch's collection seemed truly timely, bringing the Queen of Hearts and an ensemble picked out by a kindegartener into the present moment.