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Alexander Wang Blogs His "It" Bag



    Wonder what it feels like to be so wildly popular you've got to scramble to keep up with your customers' demand for your newest bag design?  Alexander Wang offers his personal insight into the wild popularity of his Spring line. 

    Yesterday's trunk sale at Barneys was a successful one for Wang, with a 400-strong waiting list for the Rocco and the entire Spring 2010 line getting snatched up in pre-order.  The ever-charming boy designer, though thrilled, is now charged with the task of making more bags.  We have a mental picture of a fiending mob (ourselves included) chasing him down chanting exactly that, more bags, more bags.......

    The multi-generational event brought in daugters, moms and grandmas, and kicks off Wang's tour of Chicago for another trunk show and Zurich for the Textile Awards.