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A History of Hemlines from Refinery29



    If the instant messages between the Thread team had trending topics, "no pants" would definitely be at the top, especially after the Spring shows.  Thank you, Refinery29, for so hilariously charting the upward climb (and ultimate disappearance) of the hemline. 

    From our puritanical roots in ankle-length trains, to the demure tea-length to the knees and up to the mini revolution of the 1970s, this informative timeline culminates in the present Gaga-fication of girl's skirts, or lack thereof.  Maybe it's a cyclical evolution back to the loin cloths of Eve, but whatever it is, we're still a smidge old-fashioned when we say, perhaps with a hint of Blair Waldorf in our voices, hot pants/tights/whatever happens to just cover your bum are not pants. 

    (You have full permission to tease us when we finally cave and wear just briefs to NBC).