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10 Minutes with: Rory Beca



    10 Minutes with: Rory Beca
    Rory Beca

    The Los Angeles-based designer recently unveiled her Spring 2010 collection -- a mix of her tried-and-true staples (airy tanks and jumpsuits) with more forward-thinking cocktail pieces, as well as some spectacular prints.

    For spring, Beca was inspired by the artist Elizabeth Peyton, whose paintings made their way into some colorful (yet wonderfully washed-out) floral prints that her brother actually designed. Of the collection overall, though, Beca admits she was listening to a lot of Janis Joplin when she designed it. "I was going for a kind of hippie-ish feel," she said.

    It's true that a lighthearted, California vibe permeates the collections silky tanks, short skirts, floral separates, and yes, even a boudoir-inspired lace bandeau. When we asked Beca if she was buying into the whole lingerie-as-clothing trend (thankfully, there were pants involved, in this instance), she admitted: "I hope it sticks around! It's a really great layering thing -- like you could layer a vest over this lacy bandeau." (And, it's true, the vest is apparently one of Beca's best sellers.)

    Beca's favorite part of her collections, however, have always been the prints. "I've always been really into prints and colors," she said. "I love art and I love food, so those things have always been on my inspiration board." (Indeed, if you don't believe her, take a look at the "shop lifestyle" section of her website, where you can play with art or even visit Beca's L.A. farmer's market.)

    Overall Rory Beca probably sums up her aesthetic best in saying, "I always like things to be a little pretty, but also a little bit sexy." Looking at the mix of laid-back, silky floral dresses and the occasional backless dress or lace bandeau, we can see where she's coming from.