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Primetime Emmy Awards

Primetime Emmy Awards

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The 2010 Emmys: Handicapping the Race for Supporting Actress In A Comedy



    In the weeks leading up to the Emmys on Aug. 29, PopcornBiz will be sizing up the nominees in the 10 biggest categories. Warning: Using our picks to wager could leave you broke and incarcerated.

    Sofia Vergara "Modern Family"
    The Colombian hottie with the much older (and richer) husband could have been just an easy punchline. But Vergara has provided heart, soul -- and let's face it -- a smoking body to the part. But unless an unseen influx of Maxim voters converge, the "Modern Family" split will be too much to overcome: Odds of winning:  10 to 1

    Jane Krakowski "30 Rock"
    It's Krakowski's second turn as well in this category for her hilarious Jenna Mahoney character on "30 Rock." It's not likely she'll truly stand out in what's considered an off year for the show. While Mahoney would end up locking herself in a dressing room at the thought of not winning, Krakowski will take it like showbiz pro. We hope. Odds of winning: 9 to 1

    Kristen Wiig "Saturday Night Live"
    No one makes us laugh harder on "SNL" than Wiig, who was nominated in 2009. But the comedy skit show gets no real award cred. While she once again won't win this year, she can take heart in knowing that Emmy nominations are like her infamous "MacGruber" episodes -- they tend to keep repeating. Odds of winning: 8 to 1

    Julie Bowen "Modern Family"
    If anyone could win strictly on deadpan looks to the camera, Bowen would take the prize. While her portrayal of the every-mom shows she has the comedy chops and the looks to boot, even she'd have to concede it's not going to be enough climb the "Glee" mountain. Odds of winning: 7 to 1

    Holland Taylor 'Two and a Half Men"
    Film, theater and television actress Holland Taylor might not have the name recognition, but she clearly has the sentimental support -- this is her fourth nomination for "Two and a Half Men" alone. While the Academy loves the show, which is far from a critical darling, it's a big next step to actually winning the big gig. Taylor knows that more than anyone. But if there's a "Glee" backlash and a "Modern Family" cancellation, look for Taylor to ascend. Odds of winning: 5 to 1

    Jane Lynch "Glee"
    Can anyone top Sue Sylvester and "Glee's" breakout success? No way. Besides moving into a completely new stratosphere with the success of the breakout show (the woman has been immortalized in wax for the love of God), Lynch's unapologetic coach makes it more than okay to root for the baddie every time. And she'll win again. Odds of winning 2 to 1