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Summit To Split "Breaking Dawn" into Two Movies



    The "Twilight" saga is going to be even more of a saga. Summit Entertainment is looking to make the last book from Stephenie's Meyers "Twilight" series into two movies.

    "Breaking Dawn," the climax to the vampire-werewolf-human movie love triangle, will be filmed back-to-back starting in October, reports Titles for the films have not been determined yet.

    The double play is not a huge surprise and makes obvious sense for the highly-lucrative movie franchise. But the official announcement will be big news to the worldwide army of Twlighters who will happily shell out the money to see a "Twilight" extension.

    The book is Meyers' longest and divided into three parts -- the first and third sections are told from the point of view of Bella (Kristen Stewart), and the second section from the perspective of Jacob (Taylor Lautner).

    No director has been attached to these projects. The world is very familiar with the main cast who have been turned into international superstars with the release of "Twilight" and last year's "New Moon."

    Twilight-star Peter Facinelli told Popcorn Biz last week that the crew had finished the third movie "Eclipse." The Vancouver shoot required extensive training for the intense stunts required. The action-packed flick is due out on June 30.

    He added that the cast was "waiting in the wings" for the decision on the final book.