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Stop! Hammer Time -- "Thor" Release Pushed Up



    Stop! Hammer Time -- "Thor" Release Pushed Up
    Finally, regular folks will learn how to pronounce "Mjolnir."

    OK, so the recent news about the script mess plaguing "Spider-Man 4" has an upside, as it has allowed "Thor" to hit theaters just a little bit sooner.

    In the endless game of chess that is scheduling summer tent-pole films, each action has an equal and opposite reaction. As the disagreements between Sony and director Sam Raimi over Spidey's next enemy, Paramount has stepped into the breach, reported Variety. They've decided to lay claim to May 6 for the unveiling of "Thor," which had originally been slated for May 20.

    "Thor" has Kenneth Branagh behind the camera and a cast featuring the likes of Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Samuel L. Jackson and newcomer Chris Hemsworth (Kirk's dad in the latest "Star Trek") in the title role, making it a franchise on the rise. Spidey, meanwhile, has been in a slow decline and has a nation of movie lovers skeptical about its future.

    Sony hasn't formerly thrown in the towel on May 6, as Cinematical notes, so there could be a show down. But with "Thor" set to start filming this week, and your friendly neighborhood webslinger still looking for a villain, it seems that "Thor" will kick off the summer movie season.