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Seyfried's Polygamist Relationship With "Big Love"



    This weekend we spoke to Amanda Seyfried about the future of her role on "Big Love." While rumors have been flying that the actress is leaving the show to pursue her shiny new film career, the truth sounds much more pragmatic. Seyfried simply wants to be free of the holding pattern the show requires her to remain in, even when she isn't shooting.  

    "I love being on [the "Big Love"] set," she insisted. "I just don't love being at the beck and call of a job that I don't work nearly enough on. And they know that. It's an ensemble cast, it's not their faults." It's true that Sarah is sadly underutilized (so is Ben and they're two of the best parts of the show), but  next week's epsiode looks like a stand-out one for her and we can't wait!

    (Spoiler alert.) Seyfried revealed that her character, Sarah, the daughter of Bill (Bill Paxton) and Barb (Jeanne Tripplehorn) who has struggled mightily with her family's lifestyle, will leave in the the second to the last episode of this season. "I can't tell you where I go," Seyfried grinned, mischievously, "I just leave."

    But will she be back?

    "Probably," Seyfried nodded earnestly. "If they need me and I'm available, I'll go back. It's as easy as that. No commitment."

    We pointed out that it's like she's in an opening dating relationship; she can see other people, but she'll always love her polygamist family. The actress hooted. "It's the best type of relationship. We love each other, we'll support each other, but if I don't want to come back, I'm not gonna. Cool? Cool!"