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Robert Downey Jr. Feeling the Heat for "Iron Man 2"



    Just because "Iron Man 2" is a sure-thing box-office hit, doesn't mean it's easy street for the cast and crew. They're feeling the follow-up expectations.

    Robert Downey Jr. insists the pressure around the film is not in the past tense now that it's complete and ready for theaters.

    "I didn't sleep last night," he half-joked at the press day for "Iron Man 2."

    Director Jon Favreau says there is a different kind of pressure around the film after the first made $318 million at the domestic box office. "It's not like you're throwing a party and you're not sure if people are going to show up," he said. "We know people are going to show up."

    "We just want to make sure everyone that shows up has a good time. And that it's as fun or more fun than the last party."

    Despite his alleged lack of sleep, Downey was a fantastic clown at the press conference on Friday. When the giant "Iron Man 2" poster serving as the backdrop for the stars fell at the end of the press conference fell, he didn't take it as an ill omen for the film. Instead he gamely stood up to hold the poster in place so Gwyneth Paltrow could have the right background for the final question.