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Ralph Fiennes' Modern Day "Coriolanus" Coming Along Nicely



    Ralph Fiennes is cutting his teeth as an actor/director, with a present day re-telling of Shakespeare's "Coriolanus."

    The very first stills from the set have appeared on Fiennes' creatively titled blog, Ralph Fiennes’ Coriolanus Blog, over at 30 Ninjas.

    They show him wearing both hats on set: In front of the camera wearing full combat gear as he leads men into battle, and then behind the camera, conferring with cinematographer Barry Ackroyd  and cameraman Oliver Driscoll (All three worked together on "The Hurt Locker.")

    Like so many of Shakespeares plays, this one is about a man who grows power hungry at the urging of his wife/mother (mother in this case), and wages war to claim what he feels is rightfully his.

    The cast includes Gerard Butler, Vanessa Redgrave and Brian Cox.

    Folks at 30 Ninjas seem puzzled/excited by how Finnes plans to convert the story to the 21st Century while retaining the richness of the Bard's language. Have they already forgotten the fantastic "Richard III" starring Sir Ian McKellen? 

    Fiennes should be able to crack this nut, he just needs to stay out of Shakespeare's way.