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"Proejct X" Trailer Is a Party in Need of a SWAT Team



    We've been looking forward to "Project X" since it was first announced last summer, and while it's gonna miss it's original release date by about four months, the first trailer has renewed our interest.

    The film, produced by "Hangover" director Todd Phillips and helmed by music video veteran Nima Nourizadeh, was intended to be "shot in cinema-vérité style, where the audience will experience the party only through the first-person observer view of the camera, so essentially, we will be at the party too," a description that the trailer lives up to.

    The trailer depicts essentially the greatest high school party you were never invited, an epic Bacchanal of cute girls, beer, bouncy castles, DJs and more... Peaking our interest further is the presence of Miles Teller, who's grabbed our attention with two great performances--in "Rabbit Hole" and "Footloose"--since he was announced as one of the "nobodies" who were originally cast.

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    (Published Wednesday, May 30, 2012)

    "Proejct X" opens March 2, 2012.