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Facinelli: Dual Doctors on "Jackie" and "Twilight"



    Peter Facinelli is playing two very different doctors these days.

    "Twilight" fans know him as the voice of paternal vampire reason, Dr. Carlisle Cullen, in the uber-popular series. But Facinelli is also making dramatic waves as the unsteady Dr. Fitch Cooper in award-winning "Nurse Jackie."

    "Aside from them both wearing white coats, that's where the similarities end, " Facinelli tells Popcorn Biz. "The character on Nurse Jackie is 180 degrees from Carlisle. Carlisle is very mature and Cooper is very immature, let's put it that way."

    Facinelli has just completed the second season of "Jackie" which begins in March on Showtime. Meanwhile, the newly completed next installment of the "Twilight" series "Eclipse" will hit theaters this summer with Facinelli in prime shape to fight vampires. "It was more about doing the stunts and doing them safely," he says of the sometimes three-workouts-a-day sessions. "In Vancouver, a big part of our job was just to train."

    Facinelli says he's recovering at home where he "opened a bag of Cheetohs and a can of Coke and sat on the couch." He's awaiting the next call out for the final installment for the Twilight series.  "We haven't gotten any wind on when or where," says Facinelli. "We're waiting in wings."

    The great part about playing the dual-doctor role is the massive fan base which follows Facinelli's every move. Some 3,000 screamers showed up to see him open The Promenade Temecula outside Los Angeles after Facinelli spoke to us. And even more are lobbying for his next part. Twi-hard fans are still exerting their industry power and showing their Carlisle love -- flooding onto author Emily Griffin's Facebook page to push for Facinelli to play Dex in the upcoming movie adaptation of her best-seller "Something Borrowed."

    It all started when Facinelli read the book and tweeted about how he'd love to play the character Dex. His rabid following has worked its magic.

    "This fan base is fanastic," says a perpetually-awed Facinelli. "I'd love to play Dex so hopefully this will all work out. I have a meeting with the director this week so my hat's still in the ring."