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Nicholas Stoller Praises Furry Walls as "Get Him to the Greek" Resurfaces



    The greatest running gag in "Get Him to the Greek" involves the terribly tacky furry walls in the Aldous Snow's rock star Vegas hotel suite. While it turns into a long-running theme in the movie, even inspiring the film's musical closing number, the whole concept was a happy, unscripted accident.

    "It was one of those awesome serendipitous things that you pray happens on a movie," writer/director Nicholas Stoller tells PopcornBiz, as the film was released on DVD and Blu-Ray on Tuesday.

    It all started when his production designer Jan Roelfs decided to pimp out the fake Vegas hotel room by adding walls and walls of terrible fake fur.

    "Jan is very Dutch and very cool and he wears very cool black suits," says Stoller. "He kept telling me that her was going to make the suite look very stupid. Like that was his thing. So he put up these fur walls."

    "It was pretty amazing."

    Stoller points out that the fur was very, very fake.

    "No animals were harmed," he says. "But it was so artificial I am sure we used a lot of petroleum in the fur. It seemed highly flamable."

    During the fight scene in the hotel suite, Stoller needed to keep Jonah Hill in the scene and in a place where all characters could check in with him. So he kept Hill's character, who was tripping out on drugs, petting the fake wall. This led to every actor, from Russell Brand to Sean Combs, working with the wall.

    "When we were shooting, all the actors were improv-ing off the furry walls, and we were all throwing in jokes," says Stoller. "It was awesome."

    The scene worked so well in audience testing that Stoller decided to have Snow pay rock star homage with a "Furry Wall" song at the end of the movie. This scene was shot in reshoots after the principle filming was done.

    Naturally, there are plenty of furry wall extras in the DVD and Blu-Ray which never made it into the film.