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Milo Ventimiglia: Criminal Life Simplified So a "Dummy" Can Do It



    Here's a movie concept so simples so effective and efficient that it's going to have screenplay writers banging their head against their keyboard moaning, "Why didn't I think of that?"

    Take the ubiquitous "Dummies" book series and add the gangster element. You then have the indie project "Criminal Empire for Dummys,"  according to the Daily Variety. Genius. The perfect combination of menace and comedy that you need to make this kind of movie work and its built in.

    Just like the iconic yellow books, the story relates the simple dos and don'ts of running a criminal empire. But in this project, it's through the eyes of a charismatic young man -- played by "Heroes" star Milo Ventimiglia. Through flashback we see his rise from tragic ghetto childhood to world criminal kingpin.

    A starring role for Gary Oldman doesn't hurt the comedic-menace possibilities. Oldman might just be done digesting after chewing the scenery as the villain in the future-gone-bad "Book of Eli."

    Michael Clarke Duncan will lend his tremendous girth to the project as will gangster mainstay Harvey Keitel. Cliff Dorfman of "Entourage" will direct. The movie is set to start shooting late March in New Orleans