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Michael Emerson: When "Lost" Ends, Burn My Shirt!



    Michael Emerson knows how he wants to celebrate the final cut of the final episode of "Lost."

    "I'd like to have a huge bonfire and weenie roast on the beach where we always work," Emerson told Popcorn Biz of his immediate post-filming plans.  "There should be an extraordinary party."

     "It would be so fun to burn all of our bamboo huts and our filthy bloody rags of clothing and all the coconut shells," said Emerson.

    He's most looking forward to getting rid of the dirty shirt we have come to associate with Ben Linus. "I've only had three sets of these clothes through the show's history," said Emerson. "I think I have worn the last set for a year or longer. When you take them off they walk across the room on their own power and hang themselves up in the closet. Burning isn't enough."

    But Emerson has a sentimental side for his Emmy-award winning character and wants to keep one trinket from the fire -- the unexplained carved wooden doll Ben carries.  "I still don't know what it means and I don't think it will ever be explained," said Emerson. "But I'd like to carry that as one of the unanswered 'Lost' mysteries."

    The actor is not worried about the doll going to a museum or anything. With the constant action on "Lost" there are a lot of duplicates.

    "Like any good prop around here, there has to be a half dozen," said Emerson. "So many get exploded or burned or shot or bloodstained."