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“Lost” Producers on the Final Season (Single Tear)



    In exactly 27 days, ABC's "Lost" will return to primetime, setting into motion a chain of events too tragic to comprehend because they will culminate (gasp!) in the end of the series. Say it ain’t so!

    Helping to hype the show’s already rabid fans for the series’ return on Feb. 2, executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof gave The Hollywood Reportera little insight into what fans can expect as the show takes one final, victorious lap around The Island.

    “We feel tonally it's most similar to the first season of the show,” Cuse began. “We're employing a different narrative device and we want the audience to have a chance in the final season to remember the entire history of the show. So we have actors coming back like Dominic [Monaghan] and Ian [Sommerhalder]. The ending is reminiscent of the beginning.”

    Does that mean fan speculation will be confirmed and the show will end just as it began; with an eye staring into your screen, meaning the entire cycle is an inescapable loop? Isn’t that what viewers were led to believe last season as the cast was sent “skipping” through time? (The show just happens to be premiering on Groundhog Day. Coincidence? We think not.)

    While the return of Charlie “You All Everybody” Pace is a great final-season bonus, how do you create a finale that pleases an audience of one of the most confounding shows ever to air? Viewers have quite literally been lost since day one. After six seasons of polar bears, smoke monsters and number strings, you can’t just point to an exit sign and say, “There ya go. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” No one wants another “Sopranos”-style black-out on their hands. 

    “It really boils down to: Is it satisfying?” Lindelof explains. “Have you given the audience an emotional ride that makes them feel that they're satisfied, that it's a good meal?”

    Pushed for further details about the new narrative structure, Cuse wryly offers, “Musical numbers. If you love Bollywood movies, you will love this season.”

    The final season of “Lost” begins on ABC at 8pm, Feb. 2.