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Danny Boyle Convinces James Franco to Cut Off His Arm



    Who wants to see James Franco saw his own arm off? Here's a better question: Who doesn’t?

    The “Spiderman” villain-turned-“General Hospital” regular has signed on to star in Danny Boyle’s “Slumdog Millionaire” follow-up, “127 Hours” according to Production Weekly 

    The film tells the story of Aron Ralston, a mountaineer who became famous in 2003 when he amputated his own right forearm after it got trapped under a boulder during a climb in Utah. Ralston spent five days drinking little water, his own urine, videotaping goodbyes to his family, and carving his name, date of birth and presumed date of death into the sandstone canyon wall he was pinned against.

    Finally, in a desperate bid for survival, he snapped the bones in his arm and used a dull knife to amputate the limb. He then scaled a 65-foot sheer wall and hiked until he ran into a family who gave him water and food and notified authorities. Rolston chronicled his ordeal in the 2004 book “Between a Rock and a Hard Place.”

    Filming is set to begin early March in Utah. If anyone can make a solitary man trapped alone in a canyon compelling, it’s Danny Boyle.