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Winslet Brings Bright Side to Great Depression Mini-Series



    The Great Depression never seemed as exciting -- now that Kate Winslet is on board for the drama.

    The Brit star has signed on to the "Mildred Pierce" mini-series with HBO, according to

    These are two names that bring quality to nearly every project, so the idea of further collaboration brings the potential dramatic heaven spread out over five-hours.

    The last time we saw Winslet on HBO she was going strictly for laughs, faking phone sex in a nun's outfit with Ricky Gervais in "Extras."

    Clearly this new project will strike a different tone. The story is set in Depression era middle-class Los Angeles and is based on James M. Cain's novel. Winslet will play a proud, single mother trying to keep her daughter's love and food on the table. Joan Crawford won the Oscar for the lead role in the 1945 film version of the novel, so look for Winslet to start building an addition to her trophy room should this project live up to her usual level of expectations.

    If there is one thing HBO's "Grey Gardens" proved this year -- when a television project nails it, the award season can go on forever -- from the Emmys to SAG to the Golden Globes.

    Todd Haynes will write the script along with Jon Raymond. Haynes will also direct and act as executive producer. Shooting will begin in April in New York. No other casting is set.