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Handicapping Your Project Runway Final Five



    (NOTE: Post contains spoilers from last week’s wacky episode if you haven’t seen it)

    And so we find ourselves left with just five contestants on “Project Runway.” This will sound odd, but this season’s cast seemed much more talented when there were ten of them left as opposed to now, when that number has been cut in half.

    This seaons’s like a good album with no hits. I go into the final five with no better idea of who’s going to win this thing than I did a month ago. I thought Jay was the favorite earlier. Then I thought it was Seth Aaron. Now, I guess it’s Emilio? Really? Eh. I dunno. Here’s my best stab at sorting out this mess:

    Mira (25/1): Maya Sr. somehow made the final five, and I wonder if she’ll make Bryant Park simply because she’s the only woman left in the competition. I mean, shouldn’t she have gotten the boot two episodes ago? She didn’t even make the bottom two last week with that boob-spreading monstrosity of hers. How is that possible? I think she may be colorblind. I SMELL A FIX! Even if Mira does make it to Bryant Park, there’s no way she wins it all.

    Anthony (20/1): He’s the unquestioned star of the season. He’s like a black Graham Norton. I wish I could summon him at all hours, like some sort of pithy genie. They brought him back after he got the boot two weeks ago, and it didn’t even feel like a cheap trick, the way it usually does in reality TV. Anthony is just someone you’re happy to see regardless. The only problem is that all I care about is what he says, and not what he makes.

    Jay (15/1): He seemed poised to sail through to the finals, before suddenly going right into the tank. Now I have no clue if Jay is any good or not. All I know is that I hope he stops wearing cutoffs. Makes him look like a leprechaun.

    Emilio (3/1): I guess Emilio is now the logical favorite, after he won three challenges in a row and four overall. I certainly like that he was the only one to call out Maya for copping out and leaving the competition with just a few weeks to go. But while Emilio has had a couple of good designs in the past few weeks (last week’s was considered impeccable by Kors), there’s still something missing. There’s no identity. No definitive style. That’s what the judges say every time they deliberate. Does this person know who they are as a designer? I’m not really sure Emilio does.

    Seth Aaron (2/1): I still think he’s the logical choice to win it all because, despite flopping last week, he’s the one with the most distinct personality as a designer. That’s certain to serve him well in the finals. And he is making the finals. He and Emilio are locks. I don’t know who will join them, but I do know it won’t matter.