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"Get Him to the Greek" Trailer Debuts Online



    The "Get Him to the Greek" Trailer Has Arrived

    The "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" spin-off hits theaters June 4, and judging by the trailer it's about half as smart, twice as funny and equally entertaining. (Published Thursday, March 11, 2010)

    Seventy-two hours, 5,500 miles, one rock star. Now those are the makings for a good time. Throw Russell Brand and Jonah Hill on top and what have you got? A veritable hootenanny of a film that Universal likes to call "Get Him to the Greek."

    The anxiously awaited follow up to 2008's "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" was announced by the NBC-affiliated studio the week after "Sarah Marshall" debuted in theaters and everyone realized that the best part of the great comedy was Brand's turn as British rock star, Aldous Snow.

    Brand is back as Snow in "Get Him to the Greek," alongside Jonah Hill as a record label intern given 72 hours to get him from London to LA's world famous Greek Theatre for the opening night of his comeback tour. Directed by "Sarah Marshall" helmer Nicholas Stoller and co-starring Elisabeth Moss ("Mad Men"), Rose Byrne ("Damages"), and Sean Combs (you can call him Diddy), the trailer was just released online and we're already laughing out loud. We have just one issue. At the beginning of the trailer, one executive says "Two words: Mexican Jonas Brothers." Ummm, wasn’t that Menudo?

    Regardless, "Get Him to the Greek" arrives in theaters June 4. So do we!