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Julia Roberts: "Valentine's Day" Is a "Pretty Woman" Reunion



    "Valentine's Day" features one of the most audacious ensemble casts of Big Hollywood Names in years.

    But even in the glitter of A-listers, none shine brighter than Julia Roberts,who is re-teaming with director Garry Marshall for another strike at box office magic.

    "It's every 10 years," Roberts said at the "Valentine's Day" press junket. "We did 'Pretty Woman' and then 'Runaway Bride.' And then 10 years later it's 'Valentine's Day.' "

    "So we'll see all of you 10 years from now back here. I'll be 51."

    Even though most of her scenes are on a plane in military fatigues, Roberts manages to end up in a limo driving through Beverly Hills and cracks at least one joke about her "Pretty Woman" persona in the new film. The star said that it was a virtual reunion for the 1990-smash -- from the set designer to the props department to co-star Hector Elizondo. "We laughed about a lot of things," said Roberts of her set time. "Particularly how old we've all gotten in 20 years."

    Her third movie with Marshall means that "best friend" Roberts can finally understand his set directions.  Her example: "If Garry were to say, 'Do the thing, with the thing, go over there and be funny. Action,' that would mean sit up straight, smile, look to your co-star. Say the lines and be very funny. Action."

    Even Marshall was impressed: "Pretty good interpretation," he laughed.