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Daryl Hannah Wants in on "Kill Bill 3"



    The possibility of  "Kill Bill 3" is undoubtedly tantalizing, and Daryl Hannah insists she could be in on the action.

    "Think about it. There's always been a tradition of blind Samurais and you never actually saw her expire in the other film," Hannah told Film 24 while doing press for her new film, "A Closed Book."

    When last we saw Hannah's character Elle "California Mountain Snake" Driver she was flopping around eyeless on the floor of Budd "Sidewinder's" trailer out in the desert, with a black mamba slithering across the floor. But she's right - we never actually saw her die.

    Tarantino has been dropping hits about a third installment for a while and rumor has it that the film is coming in 2014.

    "He always meant it as a trilogy," Hannah reminded Film 24.

    Will a blind Elle seek her own revenge against Beatrix and Bill's daughter, B.B.? Who knows? But we're gonna watch it.